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The Insider Trait Guide – Get Together EP

Sims with the Insider trait like to be in groups in hangout with their friends. The Insider trait is perfect for a Sim that wants a lot of friends and who wants to be social. Quick Navigation Creating an Insider Insider Trait Description Missed Opportunities Creating an Insider The Insider trait focuses on Sims thatContinue reading “The Insider Trait Guide – Get Together EP”


The Jealous Trait Guide

Sims with the Jealous trait want to be around their significant other. The closer they are with their significant other the happier they become. Quick Navigation Creating a Jealous Sim Jealous Trait Description Missed Opportunities Creating a Jealous Sim When creating a Sim with the Jealous trait, think about how the Sim will be inContinue reading “The Jealous Trait Guide”

The Music Lover Trait Guide

Sims with the Music Lover trait have a passion for listening to the stereo, listening to live music, and playing instruments. These Sims also enjoy discussing their passion for music with other Sims. Quick Navigation Creating a Music Lover Music Lover Trait Description Missed Opportunities Creating a Music Lover When creating a Sim with theContinue reading “The Music Lover Trait Guide”

The Materialist Trait Guide

A Sim with the Materialist trait believes money can buy happiness and becomes happier the more money spent on buy mode objects. Quick Navigation Creating a Materialistic Sim Materialistic Trait Description Missed Opportunities Creating a Materialistic Sim Complementary Traits Any trait will work well with the Materialistic trait. The Frugal rewards trait will reduce theContinue reading “The Materialist Trait Guide”

The Bookworm Trait Guide

Bookworm Sims are interested and enjoying reading many books. Their favorite spots are probably the library or anywhere else they can get a book to read. Quick Navigation Creating a Bookworm Sim Bookworm Trait Description Missed Opportunities Creating a Bookworm Sim The bookworm trait is beneficial for players that want to get their Sim intoContinue reading “The Bookworm Trait Guide”