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Changing Emotions With the Tea Magic Personal Brewer

Tea Magic Personal Brewer Overview

The Tea Magic Personal Brewer is one of the objects in The Sims 4 that you may love to use or just really ignore because you don’t really see the point of including it. Well, rather than just ignore this object like most players probably do, we are going to explore this object to see if it should be a household staple.

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How to Find Tea Magic Personal Brewer

There are a few ways to find the Tea Magic Personal Brewer in Build Mode.

  • Objects by Room > Kitchen > Kitchen Appliances
  • Objects by Function > Appliances > Kitchen Appliances
  • Search for the Tea Magic Personal Brewer in the Search Bar
  • Objects for Function > Show All

Filters to find the item include:

  • Styles > Basic
  • Packs > Base Game
  • Colors > White
  • Colors > Gray
  • Colors > Black

It currently comes in 3 color pallets, white, black, and gray.

Tea Magic Personal Brewer Description

Brew all your favorite teas at the touch of a button. Includes handy features like a programmable timer, cup and pot settings, lemon twist, and a spoonful of sugar option.

It can be purchased for $275. It also can only be placed on counters.

If you were to just read the description you would think this tea brewer is awesome. There are a bunch of options Sims can try. In simality, it works just like the coffee makers in the game but with tea instead. Unlike the coffee makers, the teas influence multiple emotions instead of just one.

How to Use the Tea Magical Personal Brewer

Click on the Tea Magical Personal Brewer and select “Brew Pot of…”.
Select the type of tea you want your Sim to brew.
While the tea is brewing, your Sim will stand in front of the tea brewer and wait for the tea to finish. When the tea is done brewing, you will hear a beep. You can cancel the action and the tea will still brew on its own.
The Tea Magical Personal Brewer brews 3 cups of tea. After it is done brewing, which is about 15 Sim minutes, a Sim can get a cup of tea by selecting the “Grab a Drink” option. If no one wants a cup of tea, simply select “Empty” and the Sim will empty out the brewer.

Flavors of Tea & Emotional Buffs

Tea FlavorEmotionDescription
Calming ChamomileNoneReduces anger and tense moodlets.
Earl Gray, Hot+2 Confident for 4 hours
Cup of Bold
The tea makes you feel like you can do anything
Healthy Green +2 Happy for 4 hours
Healthy Aura
This tea has great curative effects
Pitch Black +2 Focused for 4 hours

Pitch Black
A little caffeine can help a Sim focus.
Run Oolong +2 Energized for 4 hours
Heightened Metabolism
This tea gave you a big boost of energy!
Steamy Ginseng +2 Flirty for 4 hours
Hot Tea
This tea makes you want to say “Hello, Nurse!”

Upgrading the Tea Magical Personal Brewer to Make it More Useful

UpgradeHandiness Level
Upgrade Description
What it Does
Add Stick-Free Pot5
Less stick means less clean up
Uses 3 Common Upgrade Parts
Upgrade Cost: $30
The brewer does not get dirty as quickly.
Add Infuser7For the coffee lovers who want better tasting coffee
3 Common Upgrade Parts & 2 Kitchen Upgrade Parts
Upgrade Cost: $200
Sims will get a chance of getting a +2 Inspired Moodlet for 4 hours
Leaves of Greatness
This tea has deep inspiring flavors that come from a teamaker with an infuser.
Self-Cleaning7This Upgrade keeps the brewer cleaner longer
3 Common Upgrade Parts & 2 Kitchen Upgrade Parts
Upgrade Cost: $200
Requires no cleaning

The Add Stick-Free Pot and the Self-Cleaning basically do the same thing for the tea brewer. The tea brewer will no longer need to be cleaned with these upgrades. It is better to go with the Add Stick-Free Pot .

The Add Infuser upgrade defeats the purpose of the brewer. The brewer is used for a specific emotion. Instead of providing a random inspired moodlet, a new tea option would have been better. This way, players could have chosen when to get the inspired moodlet.

An important upgrade the tea brewer could have included is one that makes the brewer unbreakable. This is needed because after a few uses the brewer tends to break. This would be useful if you needed to stack moodlets.

It is not really worth it to upgrade the Tea Magical Personal Brewer. If you do want to upgrade I would go with the Add Stick-Free Pot because it is the most useful upgrade because you will not need to clean the brewer in the future.

More to Know About the Tea Magical Personal Brewer

  • It has all the standard options for appliances:
    • Clean
    • Empty
    • Upgrade
    • Repair
  • The Tea Magic Personal Brewer can be used by anyone teen and older.
  • It brews 3 servings of tea
  • There are 6 tea options in the base game and more are added in DLC packs
  • Additional tea moodlets are added in DLC packs
  • There are 4 quality options for the tea that are not based off the cooking skill:
    • Spoiled
    • Poor
    • Normal
    • Excellent
  • Sims will drink the tea from a regular mug that will need to be washed afterwards
  • Sims can brew tea on community lots
  • Sims with the Tormentor trait can sabotage the Tea Magical Personal Brewer
  • Tea moodlets do not stack so if you want to change the emotion of the Sim simply drink another cup of tea. The only exception is if the brewer is upgraded and the inspired moodlet will overpower the other tea moodlets.
  • Sims can brew tea on their own if free will is not turned off
  • Drinking tea will increase hunger but rapidly decrease bladder
  • Freshly brewed tea last for 10 Sim hours
  • If you sell the tea brewer in build mode when it is full of tea, it will see for the price of the tea inside the brewer. When empty, it will sell for the correct price which is $220
  • Mugs can be sold for $5 in build mode or in the Sim’s inventory

Known Bugs With the Tea Magical Personal Brewer


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