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The Evil Trait Guide

Evil Trait Guide

One of my favorite traits in the Sims 4 is Evil. Not to seem cynical here but there are added benefits to having an evil Sim in your household to move stories along. The evil Sim wants to make enemies and cause misery to other Sims.

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Creating an Evil Sim

A Sim child and older can be given the evil trait as long as they do not have the childish or good traits. The evil trait can be assigned to Sims in Create-a-Sim or when the Sim ages up. As with creating any Sim always consider what additional traits, aspirations, career, and socials will work well with your Sim.

Complimentary Traits

Most of the traits in the game will compliment the evil trait. When deciding what additional traits to use, think about the overall plan you have for your evil Sim. Based the traits on their aspiration, the career goals you have for them, or overall how they will act with additional Sims in the world.

There are two aspiration traits that will help your Sim with their Evil plans. They are both from the Public Enemy aspiration and include:

  • Dastardly – this allows Sims to preform stronger and more successful mean interactions
  • Mastermind Aspiration Trait – gives special socials that will allow you to put your Sim in a bad mood

There are a few reward traits that will work well with your Sim. These traits will enhance the experience you get from having the Evil trait:

  • Always Welcome – so you don’t get kicked out of a Sim’s house when unleashing your evil plans
  • Observant – knowing the traits of other Sims gives you a better idea of how to target them so you can put them in a bad mood
  • Shameless – when doing certain actions to give a victim the embarrassed emotion, the evil Sim doesn’t also get embarrassed.
  • Carefree – when doing certain actions to make your victims tense, your Sim doesn’t also get tense.

Although there are many complimentary traits, there are some that should be avoided unless you want to make managing your Sim more difficult. These are listed below:

  • Bro – this trait can make causing misery to other Sims with the Bro trait harder because Sims with this trait will gain a confident moodlet when your Sim is around.
  • Erratic – this trait gives your Sim random moodlets. The random moodlets can interfere with the Happy moodlet provided by the Evil trait.
  • Gloomy – this trait will give your Sim a random sad moodlet. This can interfere with the Happy moodlet provided from the Evil trait.
  • Hates Children – this trait will cause a negative moodlet whenever your Sim is around children. This will interfere with the Happy moodlet provided by the evil trait.
  • Hot Headed – this trait will give your Sim a random angry moodlet. This can interfere with the Happy moodlet provided by the Evil trait.
  • Loner – the Evil trait requires Sims to be around other Sims to receive the Happy moodlet. Loners like to be alone. This will cause a conflict with the Sim’s emotions.
  • Snob – if your Sim has this trait, Sims around them will get a confidence moodlet. This can make it harder to put other Snobs in a miserably emotion.


Overall, you can pick any aspiration trait you want for an evil Sim. When creating an evil Sim it it best to pick an aspiration with a reward trait that will help them make the other Sims around them miserable. Good aspiration reward traits are ones where you can influence Sims to have negative emotions on demand. The best aspiration for an evil Sim is:

  • Public Enemy – the aspiration focuses on the criminal career branch and making enemies

The aspirations below won’t influence the emotions of other Sims but they will help you with tasks that will get other Sims in bad moods:

  • Painter Extraodinaire – with the Expressionistic trait, your Sim can create sad and angry emotional crafts no matter their current emotion
  • Freelance Botanist – the Naturalist trait gives you the ability to starve off fire. Perfect if your Sim wants to cause fires to get other Sims in a tense mood.
  • Joke Star – the Hilarious trait makes it easier to have a Sim die from the Playful emotion. The death will trigger negative emotions in the Sims around you.


As always, you can have any career with an evil Sim. The best careers to get the most out of the trait are those that require contact with other Sims in the world. This will give them the chance to make enemies.

Sims with the Evil trait gain career progress 2.5 times faster in the following careers:

  • Criminal

Evil Trait Description

The official description from the trait states:

These Sims become Happy around Sims with negative Moodlets, can Laugh Maniacally and Discuss Evil Plans, and become Angry when interacting with Good Sims.

When you first perform an action with an evil Sim you get a notification that more insight on the trait. It reads:

Evil Lesson

[Sim Name] is Evil. Evil Sims become Happy from the misery of others and have a variety of ways to accomplish this.

Although the notification says there are a variety of ways to cause misery to others, the evil Sim can cause misery just like regular Sims in the game. There are no special interactions to cause misery to Sims.

Happy Around Sims With Negative Moodlets

When around Sims with negative emotions, evil Sims get a happy moodlet. The moodlet shows 30 Sim minutes after the evil Sim is in the presence of a Sim with a negative emotion. The moodlet lasts as long as the Sim is around a Sim with a negative emotion.

Happy +1
Near Misery
Evil Sims greatly enjoy reveling in the misery of others.

The emotions that trigger the moodlet include:

  • Anger
  • Embarrassed
  • Sad
  • Tense
  • Uncomfortable

Laugh Manically

Evil Sims will perform mean interactions on their own during a conversation. When these actions are successful, they may laugh manically. Also being around Sims who are miserable for a set period of time will cause them to laugh manically.

Angry when Interacting with Good Sims

Angry +1
Good Vs. Evil
Good Sims and Evil Sims will never agree. The battle rages on!

When Evil Sims are around Good Sims it creates an emotional loop. The Good Sim becomes sad and the Evil Sim becomes angry. Then after a while, the angry Sim will become happy. Then the good Sim will become happy. Then the loop starts again.


The evil Sims receive two new socials and one existing social provides more of a boost when it is used.

  • Mean > Jeer – this social is available to all Sims when
    • Discover the Sim is evil
    • Discover the Sim is mean
    • Medium romantic relationship loss
    • Large friendship relationship loss
    • Evil Sim gains fun
  • Mischief > Discuss Evil Plans – this social is only available when interacting with an evil Sim. It reveals to your Sim the other Sim is evil. It also provides new animations.
  • Mean > Dismiss Goodness – this social is only available when interacting with good Sims. It reveals to your Sim the other Sim is good. It provides new social animations.


The evil trait provides a a few new moodlets that will make your evil Sim happy or mad.

Near Misery
(From Evil Trait)
Happy +1
Evil Sims greatly enjoy reveling in the misery of others.
New Enemy
(From Declaring an Enemy)
Happy +2
For Evil Sims, there’s nothing better than making some new enemies
Good Riddance
(from releasing Spirit)
Happy +2
Releasing the spirit of a recently deceased Sim is a powerful and freeing experience
Good Vs. Evil
(frome Evil Trait)
Angry +1
Good Sims and Evil Sims will never agree. The battle rages on!

Evils Sims Don’t Gain Moodlets from doing the following actions:

  • Repair the dollhouse

Trait Related Whims

Make an enemy25
Be Mean to Someone25

Unlocked Interactions

Evil Sims have unlocked interactions that are not regularly available to regular Sims. These include:

  • Smash Doll House – can smash a doll house without being angry
  • Read Obituaries – can read obituaries on the computer without being sad
  • Kick Trashcan – can kick trashcans without being angry or having a mischief skill level of 3
  • Troll teh Forums – can troll teh forums on a computer without being angry or having a mischief skill level of 3
  • Hit Stuffed Animals – adult Sims can hit stuffed animals without being angry
  • Evil Workout – perform evil workouts on the weight machines

The Difference Between Evil and Mean Sims

The best example of how to determine the difference between an evil and a mean Sim is to think of the Sims as real people. The mean Sim is like the mean girl at school. She becomes satisfied being mean to people but overall she doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to anyone. The school bully is more like the evil Sim. He gets off on making others around him miserable and gets off when bad things happen to others.

Socializing with Evil Sims

There are several socialization your Sim can use to put other Sims in a bad mood. These include:

  • Age Specific:
    • Toddler – neglect needs to make them angry or sad
    • Child – smash doll house in front of them to make them sad
    • Teenager – give woohoo talk to make them embarrassed
    • Elder – woohoo to make them uncomfortable
  • Trait Specific:
    • Childish – smash a doll house in front of them
    • Foodie – cook a poor meal and call them to eat it
    • Gloomy – end a relationship with them
    • Hates Children – try for baby, bring into a house full of kids toys, be a child around this Sim
    • Jealous – take them out in public while you are dating them
    • Lazy – wake up this Sim when they are sleeping
    • Neat – create filth in their home or bring around a dirty home
    • Noncommital – be in a relationship with this Sim for a long time
  • Object Specific:
    • Voodoo Doll – poke the voodoo doll to make Sims angry or tickle the voodoo doll to make Sims uncomfortable
  • Skill Specific:
    • Cooking – serve a plate of flaming hot Spaghetti to Sims to get them angry
    • Handiness – create a lot of sad or angry sculptures and invite a Sim into a room full of them or view one with a Sim
    • Mischief – perform the “Claim to Be Criminal Mastermind” interaction to make Sims tense and clog toilets to get a Sim to pee themselves for an embarrassed moodlet
    • Mixology – make a Boiler Room drink for a Sim to get them angry
    • Painting – create a lot of sad or angry paintings and hang and invite a Sim into a room of them or view one with a Sim
  • Socials:
    • Engage in mean interactions with a Sim to get them angry
    • Flirt with a Sim when they are in a bad mood to create an awkward conversation to make the embarrassed
    • Be funny with a Sim while they are in a bad mood to create an awkward conversation
  • Other:
    • Cause the death of your enemy around other Sims to make them sad
    • Cause a fire to make Sims tense
    • Walk in on Sims in the bathroom or have them walk in on you to make them embarrassed

Skill Building With Evil Sims

The Evil trait does not have any skills it influences indirectly. I will focus on skills that can help the Evil Sim accomplish their goals:

  • Cooking:
    • Level 4 – make Flaming Hot Spaghetti
  • Handiness:
    • Level 2 – create sad and angry sculptures
  • Mischief
    • Level 2 – “Claim to Be Criminal Mastermind” interaction
    • Level 3 – Tickle the voodoo doll
    • Level 5 – Clog toilets and showers

Using the Workout Machine

Evil Sims who use the workout machine get special names for the interactions:

  • Evil Epic Workout = Epic Workout
  • Evil Heavy Lifting = Heavy Lifting
  • Evil Workout = Workout

Mischief Skill

  • Spam money requests are 10% more likely to succeed

Traits to Be Around

There are a few traits worth being around because they will allow your Sim to receive the trait moodlet. These include:

  • Childish – smashing a dollhouse around this a Sim with this trait will give them a sad moodlet
  • Erratic – these Sims have a chance of getting a angry or sad moodlet
  • Foodie – when this Sim eats poorly made food or drinks, they will experience an uncomfortable moodlet
  • Gloomy – these Sims get a random sad moodlet
  • Good – these Sims get a sad moodlet when around evil Sims
  • Hates Children – when around children items or trying for a baby these Sims get a tense moodlet. If you are a child around these Sims, they will get an angry moodlet
  • Hot Headed – these Sims get a random angry moodlet, will get angry when having a mean conversation, and will get angry when targeted with mischief
  • Jealous – these Sims get tense when in public when you are in a relationship with them
  • Lazy – these Sims get angry when you wake them up
  • Loner – these Sims get tense in public or around unknown Sims
  • Neat – these Sims get an uncomfortable emotion for a small amount of uncleanness
  • Noncommital – Sims with this trait get upset when they have been in a relationship for a while

Missed Opportunities

There are a few opportunities I feel were missed with this trait and they seem to break the character of the trait. Besides these actions, the trait overall is good for storytelling.

  • Laugh at grave – evil Sims should be able to laugh at the grave of any Sim even if the Evil Sim was not an enemy with them
  • Happy Around Death – evil Sims should not get a sad moodlet from a Sim dying. Instead they should get a happy moodlet because they saw a death.
  • More Whims – Sims with the evil trait should get whims to do their unlocked interactions they should also get a “be around misery” interaction
  • More Moodlets – a happy Moodlet when doing something evil, “Evil Plan Complete” and a sad moodlet when doing something good, “Just Went Against My Evil Nature”.

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