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Sulani Festivals – The Sims 4 Island Living


While your Sims are living in Sulani, there are several community events that take place so your Sims can get to know the locals.

If your Sims don’t live in Ohan’ali Town it might be hard for them to know when the events take place because there isn’t a notification for the events. The events do not appear on the calendar if you have Seasons installed.

There are seven events your Sim can experience. These events take place in the Towne Center. The benefit of participating in these events is that your Sim will get a +1 Happy Moodlet.

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Festival Schedule

This is is list of all the of the Sulani Festivals and the time they take place.

Family Fun DayRandom9 am – 4 pm
Towne BBQMondays 4 pm – 10 pm
Flower & MusicTuesdays1 pm – 7 pm
Town PotluckWednesdays6 pm – 12pm
Island CelebrationThursdays9 am – 12 pm
Beach BonfireFridays6 pm – 12 pm
Fishing TournamentSaturdays12 pm – 9 pm
A schedule of all Sulani festivals

Family Fun Day

This is the perfect time for families with school aged children to come out and socialize.

Day & Time: Random day 9 am

Duration: 7 hours

Location: Towne Center


  • Interact with swing
  • Relax on beach towels and lounge chairs

Town BBQ

At the town BBQ Enjoy Kava and Island BBQ.

Day & Time: Mondays 4 pm

Duration: 6 hours

Special Guests:

  • Island Cook


  • Interact with the Kava bowl
  • Interact with the BBQ pit

Flowers and Music

The flowers and music festival is a time to listen to music and bring flowers to share or collect flowers.

Day & Time: Tuesdays at 1 pm

Duration: 6 hours

Special Guest:

  • Musician
  • Celebrity Musician (requires Get Famous)


  • Listen to Island Music
  • Interact with the bonfire
  • Interact with the guitar

Town Potluck

Show off your cooking skills and enjoy an island inspired dish from your neighbor.

Day & Time: Wednesdays 6 pm

Duration: 6 hours


  • Interact with the bonfire
  • Drink Kava

Island Celebration

The Island Celebration is a great time to celebrate living in Sulani. This festival is an all day event about the activities the island has to offer.

Day & Time: Thursdays 9 am

Duration: 15 hours

Special Guests:

  • Painter
  • Fire Dancer
  • Sand Artist
  • Musician
  • Vendors


  • View Art
  • Paint
  • Interact with the bonfire
  • Interact with the guitar
  • Build Sand Sculptures

Beach Bonfire

The beach bonfire is the perfect time where Sims gather around a bonfire hangout.

Day & Time: Fridays 6 pm

Duration: 6 hours


  • Interact with the bonfire
  • Relax on beach towels and lounge chairs

Fishing Tournament

The fishing tournament gives your Sim a chance to win a prize for a fish they catch.

Day & Time: Saturdays at 12 pm

Duration: 9 hours

Special Guests

  • Winner Announcer


  • Go fishing
  • Interact with the fish trap
  • Socialize
    • Ask about tournament
    • Find out about results
  • Submit a fish into the competition


If your Sim does not win a prize, they will receive the following message:

The Fishing Tournament is over and sadly, you were not amongst the winners…

Your Sim wins a prize, they will receive the following message:

Good Job! [Sim’s Name] placed [1st/2nd/3rd] in the Fishing Competition!

Your Sim will win the following prizes:

  • 1st Place – 300 Simoleans
  • 2nd Place – 150 Simoleans
  • 3rd Place – 75 Simoleans

Special Notes

There is no event scheduled for Sunday. The Family Fun Day is probably the event that was supposed to be scheduled for Sunday.


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