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The Big Happy Family Aspiration Guide

Although the Big Happy Family aspiration can be overlooked by a lot of players, it is a powerful aspiration to complete. When a Sim in the household has completed this aspiration, their presence will help Sims related to them gain skills much faster.

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Creating the Perfect Sim

A Sim with the Big Happy Family aspiration wants to have a lot of children and grandchildren. The Sim also wants to be friends with them. The aspiration has the Sim focus on building relationships with family members.

Picking Traits

There is only one trait in the game that focuses on building family relationships. This trait is:

  • Family-Oriented

This is a good trait for a Sim to have because it gives Sims a positive Moodlet when the Sim is around their family members.

Unless you want a challenge, there are some traits that should be avoided. These include:

  • Evil
  • Hates Children
  • Hot-Headed
  • Loner
  • Mean

The Domestic Trait

The Domestic trait is the bonus trait for the Big Happy Family aspiration or any of the other family aspirations you select in Create-a-Sim or when a Sim ages up. This trait helps Sims build relationships with family members faster. This is the official description from the trait:

Domestic Sims will see their familial relationships grow stronger faster.

Sims with the Domestic trait gain relationships faster with Sims that show as family in the relationship panel. These Sims include:

  • Aunt
  • Brother
  • Cousin
  • Daughter
  • Grandchild
  • Grandparent
  • Husband
  • Niece
  • Nephew
  • Parent
  • Sister
  • Son
  • Step-sibling
  • Uncle
  • Wife

When interacting with family members, Sims with the Domestic trait get a relationship boost of 5. The relationship boost the Sim is not based off the current relationship with the family member or the strength of the social.

Reward Traits

Since the aspiration requires the Sim to have at least three children to complete it, the best rewards trait is one that helps the Sim gain family members quickly. To complete the aspiration the Sim needs to have at least 3 children and 4 grandchildren. This trait is:

  • Fertile

Age Groups

This trait is perfect for an adult Sim to complete although for the bonus trait to apply, a family aspiration would have to be selected as a teen.

Aspiration Overview

The aspiration focuses on building a large legacy rather than a successful one. The trait description reads:

This Sim wants to build a large, loving household!

The aspiration is a lifetime aspiration since it requires the Sim to have grandchildren. The aspiration will be completed between the late adult and elder stages.

The aspiration milestones are:

  1. Readily a Parent
    1. Become an Adult – 0 satisfaction points
    2. Spend §1,000 on Kids’ Stuff – 75 satisfaction points
      1. Buy Catalog Kids: Decorations, Misc, Toys, Furniture, Activities, Toddlers
      2. Toddler Books
  2. Caregiver
    1. Read to a Child for 2 Total Hours – 15 satisfaction points
      1. Child and toddler age groups and does not have to be related
    2. Become a Parent – 300 satisfaction points
    3. Socialize with Your Child 10 Times – 200 satisfaction points
  3. Loving Guardian
    1. Be Parent to a Child with 3 Friends – 500 satisfaction points
    1. Be Friends with 3 of Your Children – 500 satisfaction points
    2. Have a Child Get Married – 500 satisfaction points
  4. Big Happy Family
    1. Socialize with Your Child or Grandchild 10 Times – 1000 satisfaction points
    2. Have 4 Grandchildren – 1000 satisfaction points
    3. Become Good Friends with 4 Children or Grandchildren – 1000 satisfaction points

The aspiration gives a high amount of satisfaction points. It is worth completing.


The aspiration only provides one whim and it is related to completing the beginning of the aspiration. Additional whims are added in packs.

Buy a Toy50

Tips for Completing the Aspiration

Below are a few helpful tips that will help the Sim complete the Big Happy Family aspiration quickly. The more tips that are used, the easier it will be for the Sim to complete the aspiration.

Build Your Family Quickly

If the game is set to short or normal lifespan it is important for the Sim to build the family quickly. This ensure the Sim will complete the aspiration before the Sim dies from old age. This also ensures family members of the Sim will get the chance to benefit from the trait.

Complete the First Milestone in a Day

The first milestone is the easiest to complete and it can actually be completed in one Sim day if a Sim has enough funds.

Add Family Members Using Create-a-Sim

It is easy to complete the aspiration by adding additional family members using Create-a-Sim. This does not require the Sim to be pregnant or to go through the adoption service.

Aspiration Reward Trait

Now that the Sim has completed the aspiration, they receive the Patriarch/Matriarch. The Sim will get a notification saying they completed the aspiration. It reads:

[Sim’s Name] has just achieved their dream of having a Big Happy Family! A family full of love and support is perhaps life’s greatest gift, and [Sim’s Name] will surely treasure it.

Trait Earned: Patriarch/Matriarch

[Sim’s Name]’s presence helps family members build Skill faster.

The trait description reads:

Patriarchs/Matriarchs provide skill boosts whenever they are around their children.

When a Sim is in the presence of a parent with the Patriarch/Matriarch trait, they gain skills levels 2 times faster. They also get a positive Moodlet:

Happy +1Parental Guidance
(From Successful Parent)
Inspired by a strong parental presence.

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