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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack Review

A lot of people have been critical of the Dream Home Decorator game pack and I disagree with many of their criticism. The biggest issue with the game pack is the amount bugs. Once the bugs have been fixed, the game pack is a great way for players to experience the game.

Who This Pack is For

Although the game pack is being marketed as a game pack for builders, the audience also includes the following player types:

  • Players who want to achieve the top of every career
  • Players who love new build mode objects in their game
  • Players who want to make changes to the world without having to play every family

I am sure there are other player types this pack is perfect for.

What I Like About the Pack

I am going to be honest. What I like about the pack outnumbers what I dislike about the pack by a lot. When I saw the pack advertised, I knew it would be something I would purchase on the first day of release.


I love the styles of the CAS objects. The style of the objects in the pack fit with the game.

Build Mode

I like all the new build mode features that come with this pack and I have been using them a lot. All the houses in the game are now a mix between the new pack items and the old styles in the game.

They include:

  • The new oven and stove tops.
  • The modular pieces
  • The sectional sofa
  • The play tent

Although I am using the same objects, the way the objects can be combined in the game makes the renovations look unique.


The gameplay in Dream Home Decorator is easy to understand. If you are creative, even if you don’t like to build, you will find the pack fun. It is great way to update the homes in the game without don’t every single one in build mode.

The career goals maintain consistent and are not restrictive so you have plenty of creative freedom. Compare to the Sims 3 version of the career, you can create more unique designs that aren’t reliant on a lot of criteria.

Although it might seem like the career gets repetitive, there are so many designs you can experiment especially if you own multiple packs that the possibilities are almost endless.

With new packs still being added to the game, it will be hard to run out of design ideas.

What I Dislike About the Pack

There are a few things I dislike about Dream Home Decorator but these are not deal-breakers for me. I enjoy most of the content in the pack and I think it is one of the best packs that have been released so far.

No Toddler Hairstyles

The hairstyles in the pack are only available for children. It would be perfect if these hairstyles were also available for toddlers.

More Build Mode Objects

I wish the pack would have included a few more build mode objects such as:

  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Bar
  • Clothing rack for men
  • Clothing rack for boys

It would have been nice to have a full set of new kitchen appliance designs. It is a little difficult to match the current base game appliances with the new ones because of the different color pallets.

A new bar was a must for this pack. I am sad one was not included. The counters look great but if you want to renovate a community lounge with the new counters, there is not a bar to match them.

Another disappointment I had with the build mode objects is that there is not a clothing rack for men. There is also not one for boys. The clothes on the clothing racks include styles that are geared towards women and not men. Although the colors of the clothes on the racks can be changed, the styles still look very feminine.


The isn’t really anything I disliked about the gameplay. The career is straightforward and it is easy to complete the tasks for decorating a house. The dislikes I have are just me being a little picky.

  • Taking after pictures goes back to the place and rotation of the before picture
  • Some of the objects for the career were available as unlocks rather than available right away such as the new desk, the new bulletin board, and the design clutter

My Response to Carl’s Sims Guide Review

I watched the review video from the YouTube channel Carl’s Sims Guides and he didn’t give a fair assessment of the pack. I want to go over a few points he made in the video and give my take on what he said.

Only One New Career

He criticizes the pack for coming with only one new career. I don’t think this is a fair assessment because all the game packs that have been released come with one main theme or feature. The pack coming with a single active career makes sense.

For example, the main focus of Dine Out was restaurants and the main focus of Spa Day was building a community spa.

Sectional Couches are a Standard Feature

He criticizes the pack by saying sectional couches and new build mode objects are a standard feature. This is the first/only pack to include sectional couches, so it is a new feature. Based on the information the developers released, this feature was something that was built into the game.

Also, all packs always say new build mode and CAS objects are new features.

The Game Doesn’t Care How You Decorate

Another criticize he has is that you can decorate the houses anyway you like and it doesn’t matter as long as you follow the client’s criteria. I have played the game a few hours.

In a few of my builds, I have followed the client’s directions. The clients disliked the results or were just okay with them. Other people reviewing the pack have had the same experience.

There Isn’t Enough of a Challenge

He then states the game doesn’t provide enough of a challenge. If you look at any of the build he did in the game, he wasn’t trying to create any real designs. He just added a bunch of furniture to meet a checklist.

For players who are trying to create real designs, the challenge is creating something that looks nice based on the Sim’s weird desires, sticking within the budget, and fitting all of the objects into sometimes a tight space. If you are trying to do a good job decorating the house, there is a challenge.

The Gameplay Isn’t Restrictive Enough

From his assessment of the game, he is frustrated the game is not more restrictive on what can be build. I think EA making the game less restrictive and rigid was a good call on their part.

The game is meant to let players be creative. The more restrictions in the game, the harder it is for players to be creative.

I think four likes/dislikes is the perfect number for a job. It lets players be creative enough while providing enough guidance. Having more than that will make the game feel repetitive and like you are checking off a list of tasks to complete in each build.

Also, the game is not restrictive on an assigned room because not all houses have the rooms requested. This gives players the opportunity to edit any room in the house how they see fit.

Allowing player to be creative without being too critical of the player’s decisions is what makes Dream Home Decorator enjoyable.

What I Agree With

Carl does make a few points that I agree with.

  • Trash, dirty plates, and poo should cause a negative reaction from clients. I do agree with this because if you add something that causes the environmental score to drop, there should be an effect to how the clients view the final design. The clients shouldn’t pay you.
  • There sometimes isn’t enough space to add on a room. I also agree the game should give players more leeway when adding additional rooms to lots.

His Review Is Lacking

I understand he has to be extra critical to keep his patrons happy but I think he didn’t really try in the game. His review didn’t explain or show off new features such as the modular cabinets or sofas. He also didn’t show off the new build mode or CAS objects.

Compared with other reviews on the pack, his review felt rushed. If he didn’t have enough content for his review he could have showed off how decorating a community lot works. The major reviewers did not cover this topic.


This pack has a lot of bugs. I want to go over the bugs that have been reported on the Bugs Reports forum. Hopefully these will be fixed within the next few months and no new major bugs arise. If you experience any of these bugs, make sure to hit “me too” on the bug reports.

  1. [OPEN] [DHD] Reveal: Immediately Ends Gig – No Before/After or Reactions
  2. [OPEN] Sim wakes up to look at décor they like
  3. [OPEN] [DHD] Can’t add level for some houses
  4. Dream Home Decorator wrong lot type
  5. [OPEN] [DHD] Clients always unhappy
  6. [OPEN] [DHD] [CL] Can’t enter penthouse lots for gigs
  7. [DHD] Cannot add a room for some gigs/houses
  8. [DHD] [CL] [ECO] Add room gig not working in apartments
  9. [OPEN] [DHD] Empty Gig List
  10. [DHD] Arcade Additions: Conflicting renovation type
  11. [DHD] All Interior Decorator Gigs to high with Custom World (Gigs greyed out)
  12. [DHD] [GF] No Interior Designer Interactions for Celebrity Cilents
  13. [DHD] Won’t allow Sim to build ‘basement level addition’
  14. Furniture Glitch in New Interior Designer Game Pack
  15. [DHD] No Pop-Up for going to Gig at starting time
  16. [DHD] Client was happy, but Sim still not paid & reputation dropped
  17. Sims 4 dream home designer gig giving the same client and housing every time
  18. [ECO] [DHD] Can’t do Renovations in Evergreen Harbor apartments
  19. [DHD] Got a gig for a vacant Residential lot
  20. [DHD] Dress leaves discoloration on certain boots
  21. Dream home decorator cannot go to apartments.
  22. [SE] Sectional Couch Swatches: Colors differ slightly from section to section
  23. [DHD] Sim will not stay seated on modular sofa while watching tv
  24. Dream Home Decorator – Bugs in the career
  25. glitch in creating modular closets
  26. [DHD] Reveal Slideshows Stop Working (Reveal itself works)
  27. [DHD] Tense Emotion Causes Instant Fired from Gig
  28. Dream home decorator invisible at gig bug
  29. [DHD] ‘Child Objects deleted during the Gig are moved to the household inventory
  30. Baby not returning from the daycare after Interior Decorator gig
  31. Dream Home Decorator Gig bug
  32. [DHD] Can’t pan the camera in basements in before/after photos
  33. [DHD] Interior Decorator Gig Requirements Never Appear
  34. [DHD] Skinny jeans clip with boots
  35. Room renovations only
  36. [DHD] Objects in Multiple Decorating Categories Causing Conflicts
  37. Dream Home Decorator
  38. Dream Home Decorator career- No clipboard to select gigs
  39. Clients won’t leave – dream home decorator
  40. Interior Design Addition gigs impossible.
  41. Can’t select gigs on Design Career
  42. [DHD] Ghost sim jobs
  43. DHD – “Unprofessional” Behavior during Gig while Introducing Myself
  44. DHD career not working. Can’t go to the gigs.
  45. [DHD] Can Delete Walls on Renovation Gigs
  46. [DHD] Male Boots have empty swatch icons

In regards to all the bugs listed above, I have not experienced most of these in my game. Some of these bugs are duplicates and many the players were using mods.

Should You Buy the Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator?

After playing with Dream Home Decorator for hours on end, I think it is a good investment for a player that likes to decorate homes. For people who don’t like to decorate homes, if you like the new build mode objects, then the pack is worth it.

If you don’t like to decorate or you don’t like the new build mode objects, then this pack isn’t for you.

If you want to purchase the game pack, you can find out more information on the official promotional page on EA’s website.


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