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How The Sims 4 City Living Works With Get to Work

In this guide, I will explain how City Living is works with the Get to Work expansion pack. The City Living expansion pack allows Sims to live in apartments and penthouses. The Get to Work Expansion pack focuses on active careers and retail stores. Having both expansion packs installed allows you to use the biggest features from The Get To Work in San Myshuno.

Active Careers

Sims can work in any of the active careers while living in an apartment or penthouse lot. The careers work just like they do on normal residential lots in any of the other neighborhoods.

Owning a Retail Store

With the Get to Work expansion pack, your Sim can open a retail store selling the collectibles found in San Myshuno.

Objects You Can Sell

These collectibles include:

  • Posters
  • Snow globes

There are also additional objects and craftables added to the game a Sim can sell in their retail store. These include:

  • Vegetarian homestyle recipes
  • Ethnic homestyle recipes
  • Most Build mode objects
  • New types of Fish
  • New Clothing

Objects You Can’t Sell

There are a few objects that can’t be sold on retail lots. These objects include:

  • Fireworks
  • Performance Spaces
    • Center Stage Performance Space
    • True Performer’s Space
  • Basketball Courts
    • Basketball Court
    • Basketball Court Key
  • Street Retail Objects
    • Come and Get it Street Store
    • Street Gallery
  • Penthouse Objects
    • Mailboxes
    • Elevators
    • Trash chutes
  • Food stalls
    • American Food Stall
    • Chinese Food Stall
    • Filipino Food Stall
    • Indian Food Stall
    • Japanese Food Stall
    • Mexican Food Stall
    • Moroccan Food Stall
    • Tea and Hot Drinks Stall
    • Vietnamese Food Stall
    • Uptown Food Stall
    • Uptown Japanese Food Stall
    • Uptown Cupcake Stall
    • Uptown Gourmet Food Stall
  • Counters & Cabinets
    • BlandCo Contemporary Counter (Used)
    • BlandCo Contemporary Cabinet (Used)
    • BlandCo Contemporary Island (Used)
  • Rugs
    • It’s Not a Tarp
    • Splash of Colors
    • This is Romance! Floor Petals
    • Comfy Plush Rug
    • Warming Element
    • Trouk Fringe
    • Chalked Down
    • The Colorful Beneath
    • The Chromaticalliptic Mosaic
  • Plumbing
    • Public Throne
  • Curtains
    • Simplistic Curtain – Small
    • Simplistic Curtain – Medium
    • Simplistic Curtain – Large
  • Signs
    • The Blooming Sign
    • The Sign of Things to Come
    • The Hot Thistle Advertising Stamp
    • The Backlit Street Hit
    • The Kaleidasign
    • The Piping Pot
    • The Flavor Seal
    • The Checkered Sign
    • The “You Don’t Want That” Board
    • Piping Hot
    • What’s Happening Sign
    • Big City Eye Catcher
  • Plaques
    • The Particular Occasion of the Pufferfish in Daytime Plaque
    • Myshuno Meadows History Plaque
    • DynaSign Co. Plaque
    • Herring Monument Plaque
    • Disaster Memorial Plaque
    • Monument to ‘Emperor’ Horton

Lots to Build Retail Businesses

Retail lots can be built on regular lots or penthouse lots. Retail lots cannot be built on apartment lots or the central park lot.

Here is a list of lot where retail stores can be built:

Spice Market

  • Waterside Warble
  • The Old Salt House

Fashion District

  • Planet Honey Pop
  • 1 Torendi Tower Penthouse

Art Quarter

  • Casbah Gallery
  • Fountainview Penthouse


  • Skye Fitness
  • Stargazer Lounge

Selling with the Come and Get it Street Store

There are several items from the pack that can be sold using the Come and Get it Street Store.

Build Mode Objects

Make sure when selling build mode items, the items are given a 50% markup otherwise your Sim will not make a profit. Also, these items cannot be placed in the table’s inventory.

  • Incredible Medical Instruments
  • In-store Miniature Sale Billboard
  • Benny Bones
  • The Wege-tastic Tank
  • Walltech Omega Organized Tote
  • Aluminium Lab Canisters
  • The Watchful Eye
  • The Artisan
  • Proceed with Caution Table Lamp
  • Flying Saucer Table Lamp
  • Arctic Kiss Fan


All collectibles are able to be placed in the table’s inventory and restocked from the table.

  • Geodes
  • New Plants
  • New Crystal
  • New Elements
  • New Metals
  • New Fossil


There are craftable items from Get to Work that can be sold.

  • Baked Goods
  • Serums
  • Science Objects – (Can’t Be Placed in table’s inventory)
    • Momentum Conserver
    • Simray
    • Hover Lamp

A Few Gameplay Features

  • If you place a performance space in a retail store, your Sim can hire a performer but customers will not interact with the performer
  • Stall vendors can be hired on a retail lot if you place a food stall but customers will not interact with the food stall vendor
  • A yard sale can be held on a retail lot even when it is open

Potential Bugs

  • Owned retail lots will stop stall vendors, performers, and festivals from activating in the surrounding neighborhood. There is a bug report.
  • Sims who have a key to your apartment may show up to your retail lot or active career lot. There is a bug report for this.

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