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The Snob Trait Guide

Sims with the Snob trait like the finer things in life and they love to judge others on their artworks. This makes the Snob trait is a great complementary trait for a Sim.

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Creating a Snob

The Snob trait does not add on too may specifics to the personality of the Sim and what path the Sim will take in life. The Snob trait is a good complementary trait to

Complementary Traits

Since Sims with the Snob trait focus on being confident, any trait that provides a boost to confidence would benefit the Sim. These traits include:

  • Self-Assured

Conflicting Traits

When the Snob trait is chose for a Sim, the following traits are unable to be selected:

  • Childish
  • Goofball


Any aspiration will work well for a Sim with this trait.


There are no specific careers where a Sim with the Snob trait will excel. All careers are good for a Sim with the Snob trait.


Any skill is a good choice for a Sim with the Snob trait because the Confident emotion boosts all skills. A good skill for Sims with the Snob trait is Charisma.

Snob Trait Description

The official description from the trait states:

These Sims can Critique Work on low quality items, are bored by “low brow” television, and gain Confidence around other Snob Sims.

When Sims with the Snob trait preform a trait related action a notification will appear. It reads:

[Sim’s Name] is a Snob. Snob Sims love to critique the work of others and prefer the companionship of fellow Snobs.

Critique Work

Instead of the View option on paintings and sculptures, Sims with the Snob trait have the Critique Work option. Sims with the Snob trait gain more fun than Sims without the trait when using the Critique Work interaction on paintings and sculptures.

Bored by “Low Brow” Television

Sims with the Snob trait get a bored Moodlet when they watch Kids Network. They get a happy Moodlet when they watch the News Channel.

Gain Confidence Around Other Snobs

Sims with the Snob trait gain a +1 Confidence Moodlet from being around other Sims with the Snob trait.

Fruitcake Lovers

Sims with the Snob trait enjoy eating fruitcake and will receive a positive Moodlet from eating fruitcake. They also get a special social, Enthuse About Fruitcake, related to liking the fruitcake.


The Snob trait is one of the few traits that will produce a bored Moodlet. The trait comes with a descent amount of Moodlet for the player to explore.

Bored +1
Watching Kids Newtork
For those with sophisticated tastes, some TV channels are merely noisome drivel.
Happy +1
Watching News
Classy Content
Snobs appreciate television programming that doesn’t rot the brain.
Confident +1
Around Snobs
Snobbily Surrounded
Snob Sims love to be in the presence of other Snob Sims. Elitists unite!
Happy +2
4 hours
Fruity Delicacy!
Was there really any fruit in that cake? Doesn’t matter, it was delicious!


The Snob trait only comes with one whim. More whims can be added by purchasing additional packs.

Critique Something25

Missed Opportunities

  • Lack of whims. Some whims that can be added can focus on hanging around other Sims with the Snob trait or watching the news.
  • A disdain Moodlet from being around Sims with childish or goofball traits would have been nice
  • A Moodlet from looking at bad works of art versus good works of art
  • The ability to critique books

Published by Ruby Sykes

I am just a Sim trapped in a world of other Sims.

One thought on “The Snob Trait Guide

  1. It’s worth adding that snobs dislike all objects that came with Eco-lifestyle maker station, they find the furniture “pedestrian” and this makes them tense.


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