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The Criminal Career Guide

Not all Sims want to be good or hold an honest job. For these Sims, the Criminal Career track is the perfect way for them to earn a not so honest living. Sims in this career track can be the tough Sim on the block or the nice Sim that commits white collar crimes inContinue reading “The Criminal Career Guide”


Skipping School or Not

School is like a career for children and teens. The purpose of doing well in school is to help children and teens as they grow into young adults. Quick Navigation School Overview Grade School High School School Overview Details About School Sims do not get paid for attending school and they cannot quit school. TheyContinue reading “Skipping School or Not”

The Business Career Guide

So, your Sim doesn’t want to be a real business owner but still wants to be in business. Well, the business career helps a Sim become an office drone working and making another Sim rich at an exclusive business. Quick Navigation Business Career Traits Business Career Skills Business Career Branches Business Career Overview Business CareerContinue reading “The Business Career Guide”