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The Ambitious Trait Guide

Ambitious Sims are career driven and they want to get to the top of their career. Ambitions Sims get happy when they are promoted and are upset when they are fired or quit a job. The trait is not good for Sims that want to be self-employed or unemployed.

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Creating an Ambitious Sim

The ambitions trait is perfect for any player looking to max out a career path or several. The ambitious trait is about gaining career levels as quickly as possible.

Complementary Traits

All of the Create-a-Sim traits will work well with the ambitious trait.

The aspiration traits that will probably be the most beneficial are the ones that will help with building skills. These include:

  • Business Savvy – the Sim will earn extra money as they are promoted
  • Muser – increases skill gains while inspired
  • Quick Learner – increases the skill gain of all skills
  • Vicarious – perfect for the Sim to get skill gains faster if they have children
  • Webmaster – This allows the Sim to build multiple skills at once

Any of the aspiration traits your Sim gets as achild will help with skill building. These include

  • Creatively Gifted
  • Mentally Gifted
  • Physically Gifted
  • Socially Gifted

Toddler skills will also help with skill building:

  • Happy Toddler
  • Top Notch Toddler

There are a few reward traits that will make promotions and skill building easier. These include:

  • Carefree
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Morning Sim
  • Night Owl
  • Savant


The best aspirations for Sims with the ambitions trait are those that require some type of career progression. These aspirations include:

  • Computer Wiz
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Joke Star
  • Master Chef
  • Master Mixologist
  • Public Enemy


The ambitious trait allows Sims to gain career performance quicker. It works on all careers in the game including careers that are included in expansion packs and part-time jobs.


There is no general benefit to skill building except for the happy Moodlet provided from promotions.

Ambitious Trait Description

The official description from the trait states:

These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from career success, gain negative Moodlets from career failure, and may become upset if not promoted.

When you first perform an action with an ambitious Sim you get a notification that more insight on the trait. It reads:

[Sim’s Name] is Ambitious. Ambitious Sims are career focused. If work goes well, or poorly, they’ll have an Emotional reaction!

Career Success

Sims will get a single happy Moodlet from promotions. This Moodlet is stronger than what a normal Sim would get.

Career Failure

Sims with the ambitious trait will gain stronger negative Moodlets from career failure. There are several Moodlets related to career failure.


Sims with this trait will not receive any new or special social interactions. Although there are two hidden socials within the trait files that are not present in the game. These include:

  • Friendly > Give career advice
  • Friendly > Schmooze


Sims with the ambitious trait have several negative Moodles they will experience with this trait while only having one positive Moodlet. Additional Moodlets are added by buying more packs. Ambitious Sims will receive the following Moodlets:

Embarrassed +4
8 hours
Humiliating Demotion
Career setbacks like demotion are not easy for an Ambitious Sim to stomach.
Sad +5
24 hours
Ambitious Sims feel absolutely devastated about such a huge career setback.
Happy +3
8 hours
Got the Promotion!
Promotions mean everything to Ambitious Sims. How soon until the next one?!
Stressed +1
4 hours
Promotion Anxiety
Ambitious Sims feel pressure to keep climbing the corporate ladder!
Stressed +1
4 hours
Ambitious Sims can be extremely anxious when they’re out of a job.

Trait Related Whims

There are only a few whims for ambitious Sims to complete. These whims include:

Get a Promotion100
Start a New Career50

Missed Opportunities

  • Needs more positive Moodlest from career success such as reaching the top of a career
  • Make hidden socials available to players
  • Have the unemployed Moodlet last until a Sim gets a job
  • Have the promotion anxiety Moodlet last until a Sim gets promoted

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