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The Creative Trait Guide

Creative Trait Overview

Creative Sims are all about getting inspired and mastering the creative skills. They want to be inspired to create wonderful works and they also want to express their creativity to others.

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Creating a Creative Sim

Creative Sims are perfect for those who want to craft for money, pursue any of the inspired skills, creative aspirations, or careers that require creativity. As always, when creating a Sim it is best to think about what other traits will compliment the Sim, what aspirations your Sim will have, and what career will your Sim pick.

Complimentary Traits

Most of the traits in the game will compliment the creative trait. There are a few that will stand out and contribute to getting your Sim inspired. Based the traits on their aspiration, the career goals you have for them, or overall how they will act with additional Sims in the world.

  • Art Lover – gets an inspired moodlet from admire art
  • Bookworm – gets an inspired moodlet from analyzing a book
  • Foodie – gets an inspired moodlet from watching cooking shows for ideas
  • Music Lover – gets an inspired moodlet from listening to music deeply
  • Perfectionist – creates higher quality crafts

Since the Creative trait is an emotional trait, which means it changes your Sims emotion at random, I do not advise getting another emotional trait. Having more than one emotional trait will cause Sims to change between multiple emotions at random. It will cause an effect similar to the erratic trait.

There are a few aspiration traits that will help your Sim become reach their full creative potential or unlocks new crafts for your Sim. These traits include:

  • Essence of Flavor – allows your Sim to make higher quality food and drinks
  • Expressionistic – unlocks emotional crafts for all skills
  • Fresh Chef – food never spoils
  • Master Melter – unlocks grilled cheese painting and can summon grilled cheese
  • Muser – Sims gain skills faster when inspired
  • Nerd Brain – Sims gain all skills faster
  • Piper – unlocks four new songs that will allow you to control the Sim around you
  • Poetic – unlocks the book of life
  • Potion Master – unlocks 6 new mixology drinks that correspond to each positive emotion that will put the Sims in a very state
  • Professorial – unlocks the ability to write skill books

There are a few reward traits that will work well with your Sim. These traits will enhance help Create Sims make more money from their crafts:

  • Creative Visionary – only good for increasing the quality of work for writers and painters
  • Marketable – boosts the selling price of anything your Sim crafts (seems to be broken for mixology drinks).


Although you can pick any aspiration you want for a Sim with the creative trait it is good to be strategic and pick an aspiration where the inspired emotion will be necessary since the trait makes your Sim inspired. The best aspirations include:

  • Bestselling Author
  • Master Chef
  • Master Mixologist
  • Musical Genius
  • Painter Extraordinaire
  • Renaissance Sim


When playing a creative Sim being on a career path is not necessary because the Sim can make money from crafting. Pursing a career path does have benefits for creative Sims. The Sim is able to unlock additional furniture, socials, opportunities to make money, and items that can be crafted.

Sims with the Creative trait earn career progress 50% faster in the following careers:

  • Entertainer
  • Painter

Sims with the Creative trait earn career progress 2 times faster in the following careers:

  • Writer

Creative Trait Description

The official description from the trait states:

These Sims tend to be Inspired, can Share Creative Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they’re not creative for a period of time.

When you first perform an action with a creative Sim you get a notification that more insight on the trait. It reads:

[Sim’s Name] is Creative. Inspiration comes to Creative Sims often, but if Creative activities are ignored, their Emotions will suffer.

Sims Tend to Be Inspired

Creative Sims will get a random inspired moodlet.

Share Creative Ideas

Sharing creative ideas is a good way for Sims with the creative trait to boost their Charisma skill. It also helps creative Sims discover other Creative Sims in the world.

Ignoring Creative Pursuits

When Creative Sims do not do anything Creative for about 3 Sim days, they get a tense moodlet. Besides doing the normal activities to remove a tense Moodlet, the Moodlet can be relieved by painting, playing music, cooking, writing a book, or making a drink.


Creative Sims receive one new social. This new social builds the Charisma skill.

  • Friendly > Share Ideas


The Creative trait provides two trait specific moodlets moodlets:

Inspired +1
4 hours
Feeling Inspired
(From Creative Trait)
Creative Sims find that inspiration comes more easily than other Sims.
Tense +1
2 hours
Feeling Uncreative
(from Creative Trait)
Creative Sims need to create, and can begin to feel very off when they don’t!

Trait Related Whims

Based on the trait related whims, Creative Sims like to garden, paint, and play instruments, and be in the Inspired emotion.

Plant Something25
Buy an Easel50
Play an Instrument25
Buy an Instrument50
Become Inspired50
Finish a Painting25

There are a few missed opportunities with this trait that make the trait feel like it is not as well-rounded as other traits in the game and the personality of the Creative Sim does not seem to shine.

Skill Building With Creative Sims

Creative Sims will have an easier time building creative skills because they will receive the inspired Moodlet at random. The best skill for Creative Sims to build is the painting skill because Creative Sims gain fun while painting.

Missed Opportunities

  • The Inspired Moodlet for Creative Sims should make more of an impact on the Sim. It should be a +3 Moodlet. A Creative Sims should feel more Inspired than a Sim who just simply had a thoughtful shower.
  • The tense Moodlet for a Creative Sim should make more of an impact on the Sim. The tense Moodlet should be a +2 Moodlet so it has a chance of overpowering other Moodlets my Sim may face like from being in a decorated room or eating a good meal. Also, the Moodlet should last at least 6 Sim hours to give the player a chance to reduce the moodlet by doing Creative activities.
  • The Creative Sim should not get the Inspired Moodlet and Tense Moodlet at random at the same time. I have had this happen a few times during testing and it ruins the gameplay.
  • The whims for the Creative Sim only focus on painting and music. I don’t understand why the Creative Sim has a whim for gardening when gardening is not a creative pursuit. I also don’t like the whims involving buying an easel or instrument. How many instruments and easels does a Sim need to own? The “Become inspired” whim is also very general. I would like to see additional whims like:
    • Take a thoughtful shower
    • Ask the future cube for creative ideas
    • Share creative ideas
    • Cook a meal
    • Write a book
    • Mold a clay sculpture
    • Make a drink
  • Creative Sims should have fun doing all creative skills rather than painting. This would make the trait more powerful if Create Sims were able to have fun cooking, making drinks, playing instruments, and writing.

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