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The Loner Trait Guide

Loner Trait Guide

If you want a Sim who focuses on skill building rather than making friends the Loner trait is the best trait. Although loner Sims enjoy close contact with friends, they enjoy being by themselves most of all.

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Creating a Loner Sim

A Sim child and older can be given the loner trait as long as they do not have the outgoing trait. The loner trait can be assigned to Sims in Create-a-Sim or when the Sim ages up. As with creating any Sim always consider what additional traits, aspirations, career, and socials will work well with your Sim.

Complimentary Traits

Most of the traits in the game will probably frustrate your loner Sim because they involve some sort of contact with others. Loners generally like to be alone and focus on their own self-pursuits.

There are a few traits in the game that will pair well with loner Sims if you want them to focus on being alone:

  • Ambitious – the Sim focuses mostly on getting promotions in their career rather than socializing with others
  • Cheerful – this trait just adds a happiness moodlet to the Sim
  • Clumsy – this trait does not require socialization
  • Lazy – this trait requires no socialization
  • Neat – this Sim doesn’t require any socialization with others
  • Perfectionist – focuses on creating the perfect craft rather than socialization
  • Slob – no socialization required to be dirty

Keep Your Loner Sim a Loner

There are some traits in the game that require a Sim to be around others to get the emotional buff. These traits cause a conflict with the Loner trait because the Loner trait gets its positive moodlet from being alone and its stress moodlet from being around anyone who is not a friend. These positive moodlets will essentially remove the stressed moodlet from the Sim in certain instances ruining the personality of the Loner trait as loners prefer to spend time alone. These traits include:

  • Bro
  • Evil
  • Family Orientated
  • Good
  • Jealous
  • Snob

I would also avoid these traits because loner will get negative moodlets from not interacting with others:

  • Romantic

Don’t Waste Reward Points

Most of the reward traits will work well with a Sim who is a loner. There are a few reward traits I would avoid to keep the loner personality in-tack:

  • Carefree – if you select this reward trait loners will no longer get tense when surrounded by a lot of strangers.
  • Independent – the social need decay doesn’t matter for loner Sims so it will be a waste of reward points
  • Needs No One – Sims with the loner trait do not require socialization so it will be a waste of reward points
  • Shameless – if you select this trait loners will lose the ability to have a higher chance of embarrassment during social interactions.


The majority of the aspirations will be more difficult to complete with a Sim who is a loner. The loner Sim should focus on an aspiration where social skills, social contact including being outdoors, and social events are not needed. These aspirations include:

  • Artistic Prodigy (children only)
  • Bestselling Author
  • Computer Wiz
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Freelance Botanist
  • Mansion Baron
  • Nerd Brain
  • Painter Extraordinaire
  • Renaissance Sim
  • Whiz Kid (children only)


Sims with the loner trait gain skill progress 50% faster in the following careers:

  • Secret Agent
  • Writer

Sims with the loner trait gain skill progress 50% slower in the following careers:

  • Babysitter


Sims with the loner trait will not invite friends home after school.

Loner Trait Description

The official description from the trait states:

These Sims become Happy when alone, do not receive negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low, become Tense around strangers, and become Embarrassed more often by social rejection.

When you first perform an action with a Sim with the loner trait, you get a notification that more insight on the trait. It reads:

[Sim Name] is a Loner. Loner Sims are happiest in solitude and are wary of groups of strangers.

Happy When Alone

After Loner Sims are alone for 30 Sim minutes they get a +1 Happy moodlet. When the Sim is no longer alone, the moodlet goes away.

No Sad Moodlets from Low Social

A big benefit for Loner Sims is they do not receive a sad moodlet from having a low social bar.

Tense Around Strangers

Sims with the Loner trait get a +1 tense moodlet when around people who are not friends. When the Sim is away from people who are friends, the moodlet goes away.

Social Rejection and Embarassment

Sims with the loner trait will get an embarrassed moodlet when the Sim fails at any of the social interactions. They are have a lower rate of success for social interactions.


The loner trait provides a a few new moodlets that will help your Sim stay in the trait.

Happy +1
Enjoying Solitude
(from Loner Trait)
Loner Sims prefer solitude to crowds of strangers.
Tense +1
Stranger Danger
(From Loner Trait)
Loner Sims can’t stand to be around strangers. Who knows what they might be up to.
Embarrassed +1
4 hours
Socially Awkward
(from Socialization)
Sims who are Loners have a tough time being social. Any awkward situation is enough to embarrass them.

Trait Related Whims

Be Alone
Get the Enjoying Solitude Moodlet from spending time alone.

Skill Building with Loners

Most of the skills in the game are safe for loner Sims to build. I would avoid focusing on any of the social skills such as:

  • Comedy
  • Charisma
  • Mischief

These skills would be harder for a loner to build because they are less successful with social interactions and experience an embarrassed moodlet when conversations fail.

Missed Opportunities

  • Autonomous actions – Sims with this trait will complete the same actions as Sims without the trait. For example, when the social bar is low, loner Sims will autonomously try to fill their social need. Loner Sims will also try to go around other Sims instead of choosing to go somewhere alone.
  • Not enough conflict traits in CAS – the loner Sim should automatically have the snob, evil, bro, family-orientated, jealous, and good traits grayed out and not selectable because these traits conflict with the loner trait. Each of these traits provide a positive Moodlet when a Sim is around other Sims. This causes a conflict with the loner trait because Sims with the loner trait get a positive Moodlet from being alone. This simple change would allow for more realistic townies to be generated.

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