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An Extraordinary Painter Extraordinaire

Completing the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration is a great way to gain access to all emotional crafts without having to be in the specific moods required. This is great for influencing the emotions of others without having to be in the emotion first.

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Creating a Painter Extraordinaire

When creating a Sim that is going to be a painter extraordinaire, think about the traits that would help completing the aspiration the quickest.

Picking Traits

Since the Sim is required to use the painting skill, traits that will help the Sim become inspired will help the best. The best traits include:

  • Art Lover – Inspired +2 4 hour Moodlet
  • Bookworm – Inspired +2 4 hour Moodlet
  • Creative – Inspired +1 4 hour Moodlet
  • Foodie – Inspired +2 4 hour Moodlet
  • Gloomy – gains creative skills faster when sad
  • Perfectionist – Higher chance of a masterpiece

Additional Traits for Fun

A few fun traits you can pick for a Sim with Painter Extraordinaire aspiration include:

  • Good
  • Evil

The reason why these traits will benefit from the aspiration is because the aspiration reward trait lets the Sim easily control the emotions of other Sims by having all emotional crafts available. These traits gain boosts based on the emotions of others.

The Muser Trait

The Muser trait is tied to the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration or any creative aspiration you select in Create-a-Sim or when a Sim ages up. This trait helps Sims build the creative skills faster. This is the official description from the trait:

Musers get better boosts to their skills when they’re inspired.

The Muser trait offers a higher boost to skills than the quick learner trait. This makes it the perfect trait for gaining creative skill levels. Being very inspired offers the best results with this trait.

  • Inspired – 60% faster in creative skills
  • Very Inspired – 80% faster in creative skills

Childhood Traits

These traits come from completing milestones in a toddler Sim or child Sim’s life. These traits help with skill building and they include:

  • Creatively Gifted – 25% faster in creative skills
  • Happy Toddler – 10% faster in all skills
  • Top Notch Toddler – 25% faster in all skills

Aspiration Traits

  • Patriarch/Matriarch – being around a parent with this trait builds skills twice as fast
  • Quick Learner – 10% faster in all skills
  • Vicarious – this will build your Sim’s painting skill as their children paint
  • Webmaster – easily build the painting skill from level 2 to level 6 using the Research Binge on the computer

Reward Traits

If you Sim has satisfaction points, reward traits can be purchased to reduce the amount of time it will take for the Sim to complete the aspiration. These include:

  • Creative Visionary – 20% chance increase of creating a masterpiece
  • Mentor – 50% faster skill gains when being mentored
  • Morning Sim – 25% faster skill gains between 5 am – 12 pm
  • Nigh Owl – 25% faster skill gains between 8 pm – 3 am
  • Savant – 25% faster skill gain in all skills

Lot Traits

  • Natural Light

Age Groups

This trait is perfect for any Sim teen and up to complete.

Painter Extraordinaire Milestones

The time it takes the Sim to fully complete the aspiration depends on the Sim’s emotional state when painting, traits, and needs.

  1. Ill at Easel
    1. Start 3 paintings while Inspired – 75 satisfaction points
    2. Paint for 5 hours – 75 satisfaction points
  2. Fine Artist
    1. Reach level 4 Painting skill – 300 satisfaction points
    2. Sell 3 paintings to Collectors or Art Gallery – 250 satisfaction points
    3. Complete 3 emotional paintings – 200 satisfaction points
  3. Brushing with Greatness
    1. View or Admire 3 Paintings at a Museum – 350 satisfaction points
    2. Achieve Level 6 Painting Skill – 500 satisfaction points
    3. Complete 10 Excellent Paintings – 500 satisfaction points
  4. Painter Extraordinaire
    1. Achieve level 10 Painting skill – 1500 satisfaction points
    2. Complete 5 masterpieces – 1250 satisfaction points

Painter Extraordinaire Whims

The trait comes with a few whims that will help build aspiration points. Additional whims are added in other packs.

Buy an Easel50
Buy an Easel25
Paint on an Easel25
Sell a Painting25
Level up in Painting Skill100
View a Piece of Art50

Skills Needed to Complete Milestones

  • Painting

Tools Needed to Complete Milestones

  • An easel or the digital sketchpad
  • Painting skill books
  • A museum in the neighborhood with 3 paintings

Tips for Competing the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

Below are a few helpful tips that will help the Sim complete the Painter Extraordinaire quickly. The more tips that are use, the easier it will be for the Sim to complete the aspiration.

Stay in a Very Positive Emotion While Painting

Sims that are very inspired, very happy, or very confident raise their skill bars faster than Sims who are not in these moods. Use decorations, actions, and socials to keep the Sim in a positive mood. A Sim needs 7 Moodlet points to go into a Very state.

  • Very Inspired (not muser) – 60% faster in creative skills
  • Very Happy – 40% faster in all skills
  • Very Confident – 40% faster in all skills

The only exception is the sad emotion. When creating the emotional paintings go for the sad emotion because the Sim will still build the painting skill quickly.

  • Sad (no gloomy trait) – 20% increase
  • Sad (gloomy trait) – 20% increase
  • Very Sad (gloomy trait) – 40% increase

Stay Away from Negative Emotions While Painting

Negative emotions decrease the rate at which your Sim will build the painting skill.

  • Angry
    • Angry – 20% slower
    • Very Angry – 40% slower
    • Enraged – 60% slower
  • Bored – 20% slower
  • Dazed – 50% slower
  • Tense
    • Tense – 20% slower
    • Very Tense – 40% slower
  • Uncomfortable
    • Uncomfortable – 20% slower
    • Very Uncomfortable – 40% slower

The Painting Career Helps With Building the Painting Skill

Although the painter career will take time away from building the painting skill, it does come with a few perks that will help the Sim build the skill faster.

  • Several new objects with the Inspired emotional aurora
  • New Interactions that help build the painting skill
    • Research Art Reference (level 2) – Build painting skill 25% faster with Inspired Moodlet +1 for 8 hours
    • Critically Access Painting (level 4) – Chance of an Inspired +1 Moodlet for 3 hours
    • Gather Inspiration from Art (level 5) – Chance of an Inspired +1 Moodlet for 3 hours

Use the Freelancer Digital Artist Carer to Save Time

The Freelancer Digital Artist Career does not come with as many perks as the painter career but since there are no set hours the Sim will have more time to focus on the painter aspiration.

Get a Sim Inspired Quickly

  • Actions
    • Computer > Browse Art – Inspired +1 4 hour Moodlet
    • Shower > Thoughtful Shower – Inspired +1 4 hour Moodlet
    • Future Cube > Ask for Creative Ideas – Inspired +2 6 hour Moodlet
    • Molding Clay > Mold Clay – Inspired +1 3 hour Moodlet
    • Prose & Prop > Drink – Inspired +2 3 hour Moodlet
    • Essence of Inspiration > Drink – Inspired +2 12 hours
  • Emotional Aurora Objects
    • Shine On Ambitious Reward – Inspiring Decor 4
    • Enchanted Aurora Supernatural Reward – Inspiring Decor 4
    • Painter career reward objects
    • Writer career reward objects
    • Culinary career reward objects
    • Freelancer digital artist career reward objects
    • Clay Molded as a bust
    • Bonsai Bush
    • Postcards

Pay Attention to Your Painting Skill Levels

The Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration requires higher level paintings to be created to proceed. Pay attention to your painting skill level because the different painting skill levels allow you to create higher quality paintings.

  • Level 6 – High Quality Class Paintings
  • Level 7 – High Quality Pop Art Paintings
  • Level 8 – High Quality Realism and Abstract Paintings
  • Level 9 – High Quality Surrealism and Impressionistic Paintings

The First Two Aspiration Milestones are Easy to Complete

Complete the first two milestones on the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration within 2-3 Sim days to build satisfaction points quickly. Then spend more time completing the last two milestones.

Use Your Satisfaction Points

Use the satisfaction points to buy the inspired potion and reward traits that will help your Sim complete the aspiration quicker.

Decorate Your Home

Decorate your home with enough items with the inspired emotional aurora until it gives off the +3 Moodlet. Then you will only need to get +5 to get to very inspired.

Use Happy Moodlets to Boost Inspired

Happy Moodlets are a great way to boost the inspired emotion to bring your Sim to very Inspired.

Stock up on Inspired Drinks

Stock the refrigerator with Prose and Prop and Essence of Inspiration drinks and have the Sim drink them when the Sim needs a quick boost to get into a very inspired mood.

The Expressionistic Trait

Now that the Sim has completed the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration, it is time to have fun with the Expressionistic Trait.

The trait description reads:

Expressionistic Sims have captured the essence of feeling, and can create highly emotional works of art regardless of their actual mood!

Sims with this trait are able to create the following works of art without being in the emotion:


  • Confident
  • Energized
  • Flirty
  • Playful
  • Sad


  • Angry
  • Confident
  • Flirty
  • Playful
  • Sad


  • Angry
  • Confident
  • Flirty
  • Playful
  • Sad

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