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Getting Energized with Coffee

Coffee Maker Overview

Coffee is one of the drinks that is present in our everyday lives. It keeps us going on a day when we feel sluggish and haven’t had a good night’s sleep and it also wakes us up in the morning. Since coffee has a large impact on the daily lives of many people, it makes sense to include it in The Sims 4.

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How to Find a Coffee Maker

There are a few ways to find the Tea Magic Personal Brewer in Build Mode.

  • Objects by Room > Kitchen > Kitchen Appliances
  • Objects by Function > Appliances > Kitchen Appliances
  • Use the term “coffee maker” in the Search Bar
  • Objects for Function > Show All

Filters to find the item include:

  • Styles > Basic
  • Packs > Base Game
  • Colors > Red
  • Colors > Pink
  • Colors > Orange
  • Colors > Yellow
  • Colors > Green
  • Colors > Blue
  • Colors > White
  • Colors > Gray
  • Colors > Black
  • Colors > Light Brown
  • Colors > Dark Brown

The base game comes with five different coffee makers. All are available right away in build mode except for the Stainless Steel Auto-Pot which has to be unlocked by reaching level 3 of the culinary career, level 2 of the tech guru career, by achieving gold level at a dinner party.

  • Joe Jockey – Are you someone who really, really loves coffee? Well, you might want to consider buying the Joe Jockey anyway. It has a feature that squirts hot water over coffee grounds, producing a lightly browned liquid. Is it fancy? No. Does it get the job done? Let’s say “Sure.”
    • Price: 50
    • Drink Quality: 3
    • Reliability: 3
  • The Caffeninator – Caffeine: a popular pick-me-up in the fields of technology and law enforcement, this wonderful substance can be brewed in your own kitchen thanks to the Caffeninator! Delivered via hot brown liquid, its sure to give you the pep you crave! Get Caffeninated!
    • Price: 95
    • Drink Quality: 4
    • Reliability: 3
  • Cafe Immodere – This is a premium brew-station for connoisseurs who understand that coffee is a LIFESTYLE, not some bitter swill that only serves as a dunking place for one’s donuts. Our machine brews fine coffee, for fine men and women. Fine pastries can be enjoyed with, but never IN, our coffee. Enjoy an Immodere life!
    • Price: 155
    • Drink Quality: 5
    • Reliability: 5
  • Stainless Steel Auto-Pot – Sleek, smoothin, and impeccably crafted, this heat-regulating coffeepot has enough processing power to put a high-end computer to shame! For cuisiniers and techies alike.
    • Price: 210
    • Drink Quality: 8
    • Reliability: 5
    • Environment: 2
    • Unlocked item
  • The Schmapple Coffee – Coffee makes come with a variety of different functions and abilities. It can be hard to choose the best one. Ours come in a variety of pretty cololors. Looks like your chose just got a lot easier. Introducing The Schmapple Coffee. It’s Coffee, to the Power of You.
    • Cost: 365
    • Drink Quality: 8
    • Reliability: 8

Coffee Maker Colors

The Joe Jockey comes in light brown, green, white, pink, black, blue.
The Caffeninator comes in white, black, and gray.
The Cafe Immodere comes in dark brown, white, and yellow.
The Stainless Steel Auto-Pot comes in gray, dark brown, and yellow.
The Schmapple Coffee comes in orange, green/blue, white, red, black, and pink.

Moodlets from Drinking Coffee

Dazed +1
4 hours
Caffeine Jitters!
(from Drinking Too Much Coffee (2 cups))
It makes it hard to concentrate when your heartbeat is louder than a drum and your hand are shaking uncontrollably.
Energized +1
6 hours
Caffeine Buzz
(from Drinking Coffee (Normal Quality))
Perfect to boost one’s energy! Yum!
Energized +2
6 hours
Top Notch Caffeine Buzz
(from Drinking Coffee (Excellent Quality))
This is high quality coffee! Energy level is extra high now!
Uncomfortable +1
4 hours
Gross Brew
(from Drinking Coffee (Poor Quality))
That coffee was gross.

Upgrading the Coffee Maker to Make it More Useful

UpgradeHandiness Level
Upgrade Description
What it Does
Add Infuser7For the coffee lovers who want better tasting coffee
3 Common Upgrade Parts & 2 Kitchen Upgrade Parts
Upgrade Cost: $210
Never make poor quality coffee again.
Self-Cleaning7This Upgrade keeps the brewer cleaner longer
2 Common Upgrade Parts & 2 Kitchen Upgrade Parts
Upgrade Cost: $200
Requires no cleaning

The coffee maker comes with descent upgrades. The Add Infuser prevents the coffee maker from brewing poor quality coffer and the self-cleaning removes the need for your Sim to clean the coffee maker. The only upgrade missing is an unbreakable upgrade. These upgrades will save you time if you want to get your Sim quickly energized.

More to Know About the Coffee Makers

  • It has all the standard options for appliances:
    • Clean
    • Empty
    • Upgrade
    • Repair
  • It can be used by anyone teen and older.
  • It brews 3 servings of coffee
  • Coffee costs $8 to brew
  • There are 4 quality options for the coffee that are not based off the cooking skill but rather the quality of the coffee maker:
    • Spoiled
    • Poor
    • Normal
    • Excellent
  • Sims will drink the coffee from a coffee mug that will need to be washed afterwards
  • Sims can brew coffee on community lots
  • Sims with the Tormentor trait can sabotage the coffee maker
  • Sims can brew coffee on their own if free will is not turned off
  • Drinking coffee will increase hunger and energy but rapidly decrease bladder
  • Freshly brewed coffee last for 10 Sim hours

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